What salads to grow in the garden?

What salads to grow in the garden?

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Although they are eaten all year round, salads are the stars of summer. This is why you decided to cultivate it. Which salads to choose? When to sow them? When to harvest them? To find out, we took advantage of our traditional outing to the market to question our market gardener Lydie whom we meet in Anjou on the banks of the Loire.

Is it possible to grow salads yourself?

Yes, it is completely possible ! There is a very wide variety of salads to grow in your vegetable patch. These are eaten raw or cooked, and accompany any dish. If you pay attention to seasonality and respect the needs of your salads, you can consume 10 months a year. What to take full advantage of it.

What are the most common salads in France?

In France, the most popular is lettuce. We also consume the batavia which is distinguished by its cut or curly leaves and the Roman, fresh and crisp. There are also the so-called "cut" lettuces such as the oak leaf, which grow back after each harvest, or the Italian salads which are recognized by their red color. Some salads are more regional. For example, here in Anjou, we consume a lot of lamb's lettuce.

How to grow salads?

Salads are easy to grow. They like fresh soils, slightly enriched with fertilizers and poor in nitrogen. In the cold season, prefer greenhouse cultivation and in the hot season be sure to plant your salads in the shade. A lettuce can have a large amplitude and reach 40 cm in diameter. Also, when growing, be sure to space each seedling 40 to 50 cm. You can also wait one to two weeks for the seedlings to come out of the ground and then thin them out to make room for the nicest salads. Water your salads if the weather is mild or the temperatures rise. They need water!

What are the risks for salads?

The biggest risk is that slugs, who love salads, eat them. So sometimes you have to take some precautions. Avoid chemicals! If you go to a garden center, choose organic granules which consist of ferramol or even volcano rock. There are also do-it-yourself or buy slug traps. If you have few salads, remove the slugs by hand, so you will not deteriorate the quality of the salads with gardening products.

Do you have a salad recipe to share with us before the summer?

Yes ! Personally I like to mix salads. I take classic lettuce and Italian lettuce which I mix with red endives. I sprinkle with diced tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers, then I crumble feta cheese. For the seasoning, I only use olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It is a salad that goes with both grilled fish and barbecue meats. A delight !