Rowenta banks on repairability

Rowenta banks on repairability

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Between failure, defective part, planned obsolescence or outdated warranty, generally, small devices do not work long enough. And when that happens, there is panic on board! You rush into the first specialized store to buy another! To fight against this mess, the Rowenta brand is committed to offering sustainable but above all repairable products, at a lower cost! Explanations.

Focus on the durability of household appliances

Beyond the quality of its products, Rowenta works to optimize its range, in a logic of sustainable development and environmental protection. The brand is now able to repair almost all of its product range, in the event of a breakdown due to the wear of certain parts. This repairability is effective for approximately ten years, even beyond the date given by the warranty. Obviously, beyond the practical aspect of being able to repair your property instead of throwing it away, there is a desire not to pollute the planet with objects that can have a second life. When we think that we each throw between 16 and 20 kilos of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) per year, we can only congratulate this approach, especially since the brand is one of the only ones to offer it.

Buy spare parts at a reduced price

Rowenta small home appliance products are all made with an eco-design and eco-efficiency in mind. Designed to be removable and reassembled quite easily, they can be repaired just by replacing a defective part. You can therefore buy the spare parts for any device of the brand, marketed since 2012.
To do this, you just need to request spare parts. These will be delivered to a repair center within 48 hours! All you have to do is take your device to one of the professional repairers authorized by Rowenta. 250 people in France are authorized to repair your machine! On the price side, no bad surprise! All parts cost no more than 50% of the new product, and most of them are even sold at cost.
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