Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I sort the cupboards in my bathroom

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I sort the cupboards in my bathroom

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Now that Séverine has burned her kitchen from floor to ceiling under our amazed eyes, here is the turn of my bathroom! And we start at the beginning by sorting through the cupboards. To be honest, I only have one closet in my bathroom. But I haven't sorted out my cosmetics and my drugs for ages - knowing that living together has certainly doubled the problem! For this Household Cleaning challenge, you will only need plastic bags to throw away what you no longer want, as well as a cloth, cleaning product and sponge - take advantage of the fact that you empty your cupboards to clean the shelves! For this step I took 25 minutes, 10 more than what had been promised - and I do not count the time it would have taken me to go to my pharmacist to drop off my expired medications.

Sort cosmetics

I start by emptying the shelves of my closet one by one. I have two, I start with the top one. The operation is delicate because it is not my things that are stored there. Marie Kondo says that we must let each member of the family manage their own bazaar. She will not blame me for not having followed her advice ... I empty all these things that are not mine. I had bought pretty plastic baskets from Muji to see more clearly. But over the months, the products have been lying in the baskets, which means that we lose completely in visibility and storage efficiency. I throw away empty deodorants - why keep empty deodorants? -, a hair product that is way too old - when a cosmetic has changed color, it means that it is too old - and I put it away in an orderly fashion. In a basket of cosmetics, in a second the hair dryer - it folds, it's very practical - and the beard trimmer.
Now my shelf. I proceed in the same way: I empty everything and throw away products that are too old. When are your cosmetics too old? Normally, on your jars and bottles, there is a small symbol that specifies the time during which you can keep your product after opening. You will say to me: we do not always remember when such and such a product was opened! You can then mark the marker with today's date when your product is opened.
In the photo of my bazaar, you may have seen a box of cornstarch. I was not mistaken in the cupboard: I use Maïzena as a dry shampoo - a very good tip from grandmother, I assure you! Except that this box is lacking in my kitchen and that it takes up too much space in my bathroom! It's not a problem: I transfer a little product into a cleaned baby potty and roll my hen!
I also throw away broken accessories and other unnecessary things.

Sort drugs

In the bathroom, you also store your medication. For my part, I stuff everything in a large toiletry bag. Even easier than for cosmetics: the expiration date is written on the packaging! Put aside expired medicines but also empty packaging or medicines that have been prescribed by your doctor. Beware of self-medication! Better get rid of these antibiotics than you can reuse! Finally, do not throw your medicines in the trash! Take them back to your pharmacist so that they can be recycled.

Lessons to be learned

A good management of the stock allows to have more serene cupboards. Do we really need 10 packs of cotton pads to remove in advance? I'll take the doubt off you right away: no. Too much storage is the best way to start two bottles of shampoo at the same time and never finish them or have to throw them away because they are expired - and shampoo bottles that drag too long are never very beautiful, accumulating lime . The packaging often takes up too much space. I saved space by transferring my cotton pads to make-up in my cotton box - all that makes sense, doesn't it? As for my medicines, I saved space by collecting the seals of two boxes started in one. Everything has its place. The best way to keep a closet tidy? Find everything in its place! So that every time you put it back naturally in the right place! So thanks to my Muji baskets, I have on the one hand the products that I use for my face, on the other the products for the body. And I even have a third compartmentalized basket for my makeup.

And here is a tidy closet!

The day after tomorrow - we are still not going to do the cleaning on Sunday! -, I attack the washing machine!