Everything about the bistro chair!

Everything about the bistro chair!

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The origins of the bistro chair

We know only too well the silhouette of the famous chair n ° 14 signed Thonet. With its back with two parallel curves, its round seat and its slightly curved feet, it is today listed as the essential piece of bistros!

Sold in more than 50 million copies worldwide since 1930, the bistro chair was invented in 1859 by Michael Tonet. Since 1819, this innovative cabinetmaker has been experimenting in his workshop with different woodworking techniques, such as bending. The bistro chair is thus produced using the curved solid wood technique. Its production takes place in 3 stages: we cut the beech wood, we soak the cut pieces in a steam bath for 20 to 30 minutes before folding to give it this iconic shape.

Thonet invents the bistro chair at the request of Anna Daum, who dreamed of having practical, elegant but space-saving chairs for her coffee.

It was in his family business, located in Germany, that Michael Thonet then launched the production of chair No. 14, which would later be called "bistro chair". A bit like Ikea, Thonet offers this chair as a kit. This consists of six pieces, ten screws and two nuts. It could thus be easily transported in cases which could contain several chairs. It is also possible to choose "options", such as armrests or original colors for the seat and cane.

The caning of the bistro chair is made up of rattan, a twining plant found in Indonesian rainforests.

Its iconic shape in France has also won over breweries around the world for more than 150 years. Today available in many colors, it invites itself around our kitchen and dining tables.

The bistro chair nowadays

Always so trendy, more than 150 years after its creation, the bistro chair is not exclusively reserved for professional use. It is also present in our interiors. Its somewhat rustic, very artisanal seat makes it an excellent kitchen chair.

Over time, the bistro chair has been reinvented by some designers. We can thus easily find the model which corresponds to our decoration.

Our favorite at the moment? The blond wooden bistro chair which mixes retro style and Scandinavian look. Vintage inspired, choose a model whose wood is lightly worked so as to have the impression that it has been hunted or that it has been in the family for generations. In addition to being very decorative, the bistro chair is most robust. The whole family can settle there without risk!

For a more industrial interior, in your kitchen or dining room, choose the bistro-inspired chair of the Tolix brand. Like the original model, it takes a rounded shape for the back of the chair. Made entirely of metal, it exists in different colors. But for a timeless industrial decor, prefer the stainless steel or matt black models.

In the garden, the bistro chair adopts a more romantic style, 19th century style. Its round back is made of white wrought iron, from which patterns have been cut. Associated with a small round table in white wrought iron, this is what create a coffee / dining space in the garden or on a balcony that has vintage accents.

The TON brand has reissued the model of Thonet bistro chair n ° 14. In order to stick to her style, she also allowed herself to add her little trademark: slightly offset lines and more flexible movement. Its price can however make it abstain from more than one, since it is a real design object here!


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