The essential utensils for Italian cuisine

The essential utensils for Italian cuisine

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Pizza, pasta, and if you also made a cuisine worthy of Italian mammas? Before you start, you must first equip yourself. Pasta machine, parmesan grater, pizza peel… discover 5 essential utensils to make good little Italian dishes.

Utensil n ° 1: a pasta machine

Do you dream of fresh homemade pasta? Invest in a pasta machine that will allow you to cook tagliatelle, spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna at home… Easy to use, the automatic models only ask you to put your ingredients in the tank and let it go! For lovers of tradition, you should turn to manual pasta machines.

Utensil n ° 2: a pizza peel

To put your pizza like a pro in your oven, nothing better than a pizza shovel! It allows you to easily slide your dough and its filling without burning yourself, and remove it once everything is cooked. If there are wooden models, the editor advises you to go rather to the stainless steel pizza shovels, certainly less aesthetic, but much more practical.

Utensil # 3: a ravioli pan

If you do not want to invest in a pasta machine, but you love ravioli, then turn to mussels. There are silicone or stainless steel models on the market, with different shapes and numbers of alcoves. If the stainless steel molds promise you a perfect shape, the silicone molds ensure that you take off the dough easily.

Utensil n ° 4: a pasta cooker

Once your pasta is ready, it's time to start cooking. To succeed every time, we prefer a simple stainless steel pasta cooker. Thanks to a triple bottom, the latter ensures a uniform distribution of heat and therefore a homogeneous cooking. The plus: its integrated drainer which allows you to cook and drain the pasta in a single gesture.

Utensil n ° 5: a parmesan grater

What would a good pasta dish be without a nice layer of Parmesan cheese? After buying your piece of cheese, you will of course have to grate it! You then have a choice of graters: a model with a tray that you will then use in the kitchen or a model with a handle that will allow you to grate the Parmesan cheese directly over your plate.