Nice boxes for storing clothes

Nice boxes for storing clothes

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If we are already used to using them in children's rooms to store toys or in the office to organize papers, boxes are also used today in clever storage for our clothes. Ideal for sorting and saving a little space in our wardrobes and our dressers, they are a new practical and decorative way to store. Zoom on our favorite models. Our wardrobes and dressings are not always optimized for the storage of our clothes. Fortunately, today we find boxes that are as pretty as they are clever, allowing us to group together the things that go together. Socks will no longer mix with panties, scarves will no longer get lost in the middle of hats and swimsuits will no longer have to coexist with winter clothes. Know before you start, that it is possible to choose any cardboard or plastic box in the size that suits you to slip it into a closet or drawer. If you plan to leave the boxes visible, opt for patterned boxes with pretty colors. If on the contrary, you are looking for boxes really dedicated to clothing, you will love the models offered by Incidence. Belts, scarves, tights, lingerie… each item of clothing finds its place in a dedicated box.
1. The Mes Foulards Incidence storage box, € 9.50 at Delamaison / 2. The two cardboard boxes HOME VINTAGE, € 17.98 at Maisons du Monde / 3. The box with PALLRA lid, € 12.99 at Ikea / 4. The box with lid, € 4.50 at Hema / 5. The straw storage box, € 9.99 at H&M Home / 6. The My Belts Incidence storage box, € 11.90 at Delamaison / 7 The floral print box, € 11.99 at Zara Home / 8. The Mini Labo compartmentalized storage box, € 16.90 at Decoclico

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