What colors to marry with the color brown?

What colors to marry with the color brown?

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Brown + brown

If you want to give a natural, earthy atmosphere to one of your rooms, dare the total brown look. Play with different shades both on the walls and with the furniture. Finally, to give a little softness to the result, consider adding some decorative accessories in beige or white tones.

In which room ? The living room

Brown + blue

Want to bring a little warmth and a cocooning side to the house? Easy ! Bet on the dark brown mix with imposing furniture and blue with a pretty painting on the wall and some decorative accessories.

In which room ? Bedroom

Brown + lime green

It's the association that has been working for a few years now! To create a natural, vegetable atmosphere, we adopt this color combination without hesitation. The idea is to highlight one or the other and play with the second in small touches. Perfect for bringing a good dose of good humor into a room!

In which room ? The kitchen

Brown + gray

To give an industrial look to a room, without hesitation combine brown with dark colors such as anthracite gray or mouse gray. In addition, mix the materials! Brown leather will find a place of choice alongside accessories or raw metal furniture in gray colors.

In which room ? The dining room

Brown + copper

A good tip for putting brown color at home without ever getting tired of it is to associate it with pretty shades of orange, such as copper or rust colors. They will bring shine and shine in the room (especially if they are decorative pieces in copper tones), and will enhance the brown which will never become bland or dull thanks to them. An ever-winning duo, for example, is to combine a brown sofa with coppery orange cushions.
In which room? The living room.

Brown + mint

If the chocolate-mint association works as well in pastry, there is no reason why in decoration it is not the same! It is true that the softness of mint green is ideal for softening the raw side of brown a little ... but without making it lose character; for a masculine but soothing atmosphere, the brown color associated with mint green is therefore ideal.
In which room (s)? A terrace, but also an office or a boy's room.

Brown + white

If you have put brown color at home and want to marry it with another shade without doing anything stupid, white is THE perfect color. Opt for a bright white and full of shine (why not a satin paint?) Which will contrast wonderfully with brown, for an effect that is both powerful but soothing in the room.
In which room ? The bathroom.

Brown + fuchsia

To energize a room painted or decorated with brown, think fushia! This shade of pink full of pep's has indeed no equal to bring light and radiance to a brown color sometimes a little too sad and dark. Depending on the way you bring fuchsia into the room (with small subtle touches or with large pieces of furniture and decoration), the atmosphere created will be more or less feminized.
In which room (s)? A dining room, a boudoir.