A very soft interior with almond green

A very soft interior with almond green

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Almond green for decoration: tranquility embodied!

Long decried in decoration (where he had a hard time giving up his reputation as a bad luck color), green - and all its nuances - is a color that is today more and more used in the universe of interior decoration, and which ends up establishing itself as a trendy shade!

The almond green, which is actually a shade obtained from a mixture of yellow and blue (where yellow takes precedence over blue) to which white is added to lighten it, is a shade of fairly warm green, close to pale green (name it sometimes takes on color charts elsewhere).

But that is not to say that it is a bland and sad color: almond green is certainly a rather pale color, but yellow brings it enough brightness to make it a cheerful and solar tint.
In an interior, almond green is both synonymous with relaxed living and serenity. A chance for those who seek to give their home a peaceful atmosphere and an atmosphere of well-being, because almond green perfectly embodies all these virtues!

Almond green for a natural atmosphere

The best possible atmosphere to go with almond green in a house or apartment? Without a doubt nature decor and natural, which will illuminate your interior, envelop it with great softness, bring it freshness and a good touch of Zen attitude! Indeed, with wooden furniture and almond green on the walls, it is easy to create an authentic environment that will remind nature, and will therefore be 100% conducive to relaxation and tranquility.

In addition, what is good with almond green is that you can use it in any room: on the walls of your kitchen, your dining room or in your living room, it will give a fresh and dynamic. Almond green is also ideal for the bedroom where it will bring a calm conducive to rest.
And if you don't want to repaint your walls, bet on almond green accessories and / or furniture: dishes, armchair, chairs, vase, cushions, etc.

With what colors to marry almond green?

For a completely harmonious interior, it may be wise to know with which colors best match almond green. Note that if you choose this shade to repaint the walls of a room, you can combine almond green:

  • In brown (and its nuances), a winning combo that once again recalls nature and earth, perfect for creating a Zen atmosphere in a room.
  • Has more intense colors like plum or gray, which will bring a touch of pep's that will appeal to those who find almond green pretty, but a little too wise!

Soft stickers to put almond green on your walls

To reinforce the natural spirit of your interior, know that to adorn your walls with almond green, you do not have to go through the "paint" box! Indeed, you can completely play on trompe l'oeil and a contemporary decor by opting for stickers. Giant trees, reeds, bamboo or meadows, you will be spoiled for choice to bring sweetness to your home!