Decorative lesson: geometric stickers

Decorative lesson: geometric stickers

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Geometric patterns appear everywhere in the house. Triangles, diamonds, rounds or squares seize every corner and invest the walls like the furniture. But when the trend dictates its motives, one wonders if they will always be in fashion next year? To adopt them without changing everything, discover a decorative and trendy selection of stickers that will print the style!

What geometric shapes to adopt?

The decor has decided to bring rigor and order up to date. So she fell in love with geometric patterns. Rounds, squares, diamond triangles appear everywhere in the decor. With strict and very straight lines, his patterns are often appeased by pastel colors which invite them readily in any room of the house. Kitchens, bathrooms, offices, parents' and children's bedrooms are seduced and adopt shapes.

How to adopt geometric stickers?

The smallness of the pattern invites geometric shapes to unite and be in bands so that they can be seen. Diamonds, triangles or circles are glued close to each other, to form a figure to your liking. The best thing is to give an exploded form, as if the patterns had been scattered by a gust of wind. Another option, it is possible to glue them next to each other, so as to create a frieze, which runs along the wall. Stricter, you will need to have patience.

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