The Black Series style decoration

The Black Series style decoration

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This article is intended for lovers of the detective story and dark stories, of which James Ellroy has the secret. The editor of decided to investigate in order to help you transform your bedroom into a real black thriller from the 50s… Immerse yourself in a world of police intrigue that is both dark and full of humor. For this very vintage decoration accessories are required, they will bring the American polar side fifties . But let's start at the beginning:

Play with the light to give the room a dark side.

The lights in your room will play a vital role in your decoration. Indeed, for an authentic atmosphere, bet on a desk lamp with a gold-colored metal structure and of course the legendary emerald green lampshade. Our most decorative feature: prefer white blinds rather than curtains for the authentic side.

A wooden desk

Your aged wooden desk will be the centerpiece of your decor. Good news, retro is back, so you will have no trouble finding the ideal office for your decor. If you do not want to invest in a new office it will be enough to sand your current office to give it a patinated effect, and yes take advantage of it because the home staging is also fashionable! Our most decorative feature: a padded armchair also called a Chesterfield armchair in black or dark green leather.

Who says black series decor also says accessories!

To give more realism to your decor, bet on accessories. No more time to lose, it's time to hunt around and browse all the antique dealers in your neighborhood because a polar-style decor from the 50s will not really be one without a typewriter. Rest assured, your machine does not need to work perfectly, it is only for decoration! Do not hesitate to add a maximum of accessories, we remind you that the goal is to make your decor authentic! You can for example place on the coat rack a beige gabardine accompanied by a Colombo hat for a private detective atmosphere. To complete the universe, put your favorite pair of Ray-Ban glasses (but black of course!) On your desk and voila, you are in a real decor of black series. Here you are, you now know all the tricks to transform your bedroom into a real detective story fifties .
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