6 grandma's tips for cleaning car leather

6 grandma's tips for cleaning car leather

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For keep your vehicle's leather seats in good condition, it is necessary to maintain them regularly. Every week, it is recommended to dust the seats of your car, with a microfiber cloth. A cloth soaked in water is also very effective. Indeed, pollution, pollen or even external particles are deposited on your seats, even when you are not using your vehicle.

About every three months, it is advisable to nourish and polish your leather seats. No need to buy specialized products in the trade: moisturizing wipes, cleansing milk or even moisturizing cream are perfectly suitable. Using a soft cloth, apply the product to the seat, massaging gently, until the product completely penetrates the leather.

It also happens that the leather gets stained. Liquid stains, spilled products, crumbs, food ... Thanks to some grandmother's tips, you get clean and like new seats!

Tip # 1: rub the leather with Marseille soap

To give your leather seats all their shine, no need to spend fortunes on balm and other stain removers. Start by dusting it off with a simple cloth. Wet a washcloth and then coat it with Marseille soap.

Then rub the leather over its entire surface, then repeat the process with clear water to rinse off the soap. Finish by drying with a clean cotton cloth.

Tip 2: mix cleansing milk and white vinegar

Cleansing milk can also do wonders for clean your leather car seats. To do this, soak a cotton ball or a soft cloth with cleansing milk, then add a few drops of white vinegar to allow the milk to penetrate well.

Rub gently, then finish by passing a cotton pad impregnated with a moisturizer over your leather.

Tip # 3: use white clay stone

Here is a very effective method for remove stains embedded in leather : soak a sponge with water and a little white clay stone, gently clean the leather without ever rubbing! Rinse gently, then allow to dry.

Attention: this process is not to be used on fragile leathers at the risk of damaging them.

Tip 4: make a mixture of white vinegar and flax seed oil

To prevent your leather seats do not crack over time, while cleaning them, make a mixture of white vinegar and linseed oil. In a spray bottle, mix a measure of white vinegar for two flaxseed oil.

Apply this mixture on your seats once a month. If you wish, you can precede this step by thoroughly cleaning the leather with Marseille soap.

Tip 5: use talc for colored leather

Some vehicles have colored leather seats. Certainly very pretty and more original than black leather seats, they also require very special maintenance.

For clean your colored leather seats, take a piece of flannel fabric. Dip it in talc. Then rub the leather gently. Remove the excess with a soft cloth if necessary.

You can also make a paste with 2/3 of turpentine and 1/3 of soft beeswax. Particularly suitable for colored leather seats, this paste will restore shine to the leather after cleaning.

Tip n ° 6: Egg white to easily clean leather

If you cook eggs and keep the whites, don't throw them away: they can clean the leather of your seats! To do this, beat the egg whites, and using a soft cloth, come and apply the preparation on your leather seats. The leather will come out shiny, lustrous and above all clean.