A Scandinavian-inspired baby room

A Scandinavian-inspired baby room

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Are you looking for a contemporary and warm style for your baby's room? The Scandinavian style is then all found because it will be ideal to create a cocoon of softness for your newborn while being on top of the trend. Discover the ingredients of the perfect Scandinavian baby room!

Soft colors suitable for rest

In the Scandinavian nursery, the colors are soft and bright so that baby is not disturbed in his sleep. We opt for white, beige and other natural colors that we combine with wood to stay in tone. To bring in a more vivid color, we still put on soft pastels. A slightly gray light blue will be ideal to refine the decor and keep baby's sleep soothed.

Warm materials for comfort

The Scandinavian style is very comfortable and will be ideal for a cocooning atmosphere in your baby's room. The materials are soft and warm to warm and soften the atmosphere. On the furniture side, the wood does not fail to give a warm appearance to the room. We choose it in a clear essence or painted in white. We will also add some wooden objects like a lamp for example. Then accessorize the entire chamber of soft materials. We think of a very soft plaid in cashmere or alpaca, a sheepskin on the ground or on an armchair, ideally a rocking chair which will be perfect for giving the bottle to the baby or other because you may well not want to leave this room !

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