Tutorial: customize a coffee table with cases of wine

Tutorial: customize a coffee table with cases of wine

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Beauty, travel, fashion and decoration, Leïla's passions are varied and she shares them on her blog for our greatest pleasure! You will therefore find on Mademoiselle Parfum beauty tips, product tests, tickets on her moods, her travels, and lots of DIY. It is also on this blog that we found this nice tutorial that allows you to customize a coffee table with cases of wine. So if, like Leïla, your table is a little too simple for your taste, follow this tutorial step by step to transform it into a piece of furniture with character! Duration: approximately 3 hours (not including the drying time of the varnish and glue) Cost: approximately € 10


You will need: - a coffee table - wooden wine boxes - a jigsaw - sandpaper - glue - wood varnish - a sheet of paper or cardboard the size of your minimum table - a pencil paper - a sander (optional) - a glue gun (optional)


1. Clean the table on your coffee table, then lightly sand it by hand or with an electric sander. 2. Take the measurements from your table and transfer them to a large sheet of paper or cardboard. This pattern will allow you to choose the position of your boards before cutting them more easily than at the table. 3. Dismantle your wine boxes. Position the boards obtained on your pattern (the easiest way is to put your pattern on the ground) to create the pattern that you like. Cut your planks using a jigsaw then check that the set covers the whole of your tray.

4. Sand your boards without forgetting their edges. Then pass at least two coats of varnish on each of the boards. For this tutorial, Leïla used a honey-colored varnish.
5. Once your boards are completely dry, stick them on the tray of your coffee table. For this step, you can use a glue gun like Leïla. Then let everything dry for a few hours.


And now, you now have a superb reclaimed coffee table! Do not hesitate to highlight the inscriptions on your wine boxes to reinforce the authentic spirit that will make the charm of your table.
Thanks to Leïla from the Mademoiselle Parfum blog for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your customized coffee table on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!