DIY wedding: homemade paper menu holders

DIY wedding: homemade paper menu holders

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You are looking for a nice presentation of the menus for your wedding day; you want to prepare all the decorative elements for D-Day yourself, and you are fans of origami folding , which with simple squares of paper, have already allowed you to obtain beautiful place cards or beautiful sugared almond boxes? So, take a look at this idea of ​​a menu holder made with a square of paper: it's like a small case with 2 folds, which will allow you to slide on the one hand, the menu for your wedding meal and other share, why not, a small thank you card to your guests for their presence on this happy day. To make these menu holders, you will need: - A4 sheets. The 2 sides of the sheet will be visible on the menu holder, so you can opt for sheets with patterns on the front and back or even patterned sheets on the front and a solid color on the back. - a pair of scissors - a ruler, a pencil - a glue stick

DIY inspired by Kristina Muller's creations in "paper decor" and "with her 10 little fingers".