I tested for you: a home organizer

I tested for you: a home organizer

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The storage puzzle is now a thing of the past! Experts in storage and optimization of space can now accompany you in the hunt for the superfluous. Their profession ? Make your interior an organized and intelligently structured space by sorting, throwing away and arranging your living spaces. The objective? Empty your interior but also your life! Coming from the profession of housekeeper, this new concept born in English-speaking countries has something to seduce. To find out more about this new profession and the storage solutions to be applied, we met Pauline Levasseur, Home Organizer at Levallois Perret.

What is a Home Organizer?

Are you short of space in your home and your business keeps piling up? Would you like to find solutions to organize and optimize your spaces? The solution: call on a Home Organizer!"We are more and more often confronted with personal and professional life changes which constantly require us to reorganize." explains Pauline Levasseur. Solicited by relatives for her practical sense and her tips, this storage enthusiast decided, in 2009, to put her skills at the service of others by creating "by Pauline". Today, it offers its services to individuals and professionals wishing to improve their daily lives by allowing them to save space, time, efficiency and well-being. From the initial sorting, to the storage of personal effects, through the purchase of equipment, assembly, minor work and decluttering, Pauline takes care of everything!

Step 1: Declutter space

Our interiors are sometimes crowded and we do not always know where to start to sort."Once the appraisal visit has been made and the presentation book validated, the first step consists of emptying everything: cupboards, cupboards and drawers then sorting by type the objects of my client in order to have a precise idea of ​​his stock. " explains Pauline. This first step thus makes it possible to take stock of the things to keep, store or throw away.

Step 2: Rearrange

Then, it is necessary to reorganize the space by determining where to reposition things. Do not always put things back in their original place. The idea is to take into account the available space, its constraints and its stock to reorganize the space."A small rod, for example, could be perfect for storing jewelry, belts and other scarves. The use of storage boxes and adequate labeling will make it easier to find your belongings. Likewise, to avoid the bazaar does not settle down it is important to define one and the same space for the trinkets. Finally, it is wise to take into account the height of the walls, angles and recesses often little exploited " adds Pauline. And contrary to popular belief, Pauline recommends simple storage but adapted to the room rather than corner cabinets or modular furniture. "I regularly have to insist with my customers to throw away too bulky furniture! For example, a too low cupboard will be replaced in favor of a tallest cupboard. Likewise, I will remove the doors a wardrobe with a swing door if it is located in a storage room which will optimize space and free up traffic. "

Pauline's tips

The principle is simple: allow yourself ten minutes a day to restore your accommodation. Whatever activities you carried out, you had to move objects, raise dust and use tools. Thanks to this simple trick, you will soon make order at home, without having the feeling of having made special efforts. Also remember to declutter your spaces and carry out storage and spring cleaning once or twice a year depending on your surface and the number of people. This effective solution will allow you to keep orderly accommodation that meets your needs at the moment. Finally, have in the living space a storage box per person, these will save you time and efficiency when you decide to tidy up your interior.
Pauline Levasseur, Home Organizer Website: By Pauline